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the leading gaming career pipeline program.

Cxmmunity Esports Readiness Program

The Cxmmunity Esports Readiness Program is designed to expose and empower under-served minority students towards opportunities and careers in the esports and video game industry. ​Our goal is to give students insight into the gaming industry through several different pathways.​

The Cxmmunity ERP teaches Content & Production, Data Analytics & InsightsGame Design & Development, and Industry Operations.

Some of our past activations have been:

  • Comcast + Cxmmunity ATL

  • Nerd Street Gamers + Cxmmunity Philly

  • Boys and Girls Club of Philly

  • Training Grounds, Washington, DC

Cxmmunity X

Bring Esports and STEAM to your local community!

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