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Cxmmunity Programs

Esports Readiness Program

The Cxmmunity Esports Readiness Program is designed to expose and empower under-served minority students toward opportunities and careers in the esports and video game industry. ​

The Cxnnect

The Cxnnect is a virtual networking and panel series that brings professionals in the Esports, Gaming, & STEM industries together. The Cxnnect is designed to highlight industry members as well as deliver important information to students and young professionals.

In The Cxmmunity

In The Cxmmunity is a yearly social fair dedicated to students, parents, schools, and industry partners to show appreciation. This Cxmmunity event provides the opportunity for partners of STEAM-focused companies and organizations to come together and bridge the diversity gap for underserved communities within Metro Atlanta. ​This event is free and open to all!

Bring Esports, Gaming, and STEAM to your local community!

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